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I got my camera back this week! I was so excited to have it. If you ever need camera cleaning or repair in the Providence area, I seriously can't recommend these guys enough. Last night we walked as the sun set and I snapped a few photos in really low light to test out the lens.... the one above is my favorite.

Our friends are visiting from Louisiana! My friend & her three kids will be staying with us through next Monday. I can't really tell you how incredible it is to see all these kids together laughing. Also, it's pretty sweet to have a second mama in the house that thinks like I think. The two of us managing any squabbles while simultaneously cooking dinner. She makes the salad, I make the cornbread.... we both cut veggies for soup. It's a pretty sweet deal.

We're headed on an adventure today with all the kids (five total), so I can't stay here long. But I do have a list of link love for you......

:: I bought myself a little gift to remember to keep my camera on me. (so I don't drop it again!)

:: A lovely (and huge) list of board games.

:: This sweater pattern. That yarn is so delicious, right?

:: My beloved Charley Harper, in fabric form.

:: Less is More (crafting with little ones)

:: On my needles.

:: Play.

:: And just for fun, a year ago this week.

I'm planning to pop back in with some weekending photos Sunday. See you then.




autumn wildflowers + weekend links

I'm finding myself trailing behind on our walks and taking picture after picture. Everything is so beautiful in this autumn light......

evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


We're heading to Joe's niece's wedding in NY this weekend. Whenever I say we're going to New York, people always think the city. I tell them no, the backwoods of New York. Tiny picturesque old farm New York. Usually they just look confused then.

Joe's niece was ten when Joe + I got married. She's the first kid I have seen turn into a grown up. Now she is a beautiful young woman and mama. It's kind of crazy. 

My heart is feeling pretty grateful for this short distance between us and extended family. We've always lived so far away that we just couldn't visit often. Under four hours is a pretty sweet deal. And because the rest of Joe's family is all about an hour away, there is going to be a whole lot of Miner Family Chaos this weekend. The good kind, of course.

And so, there is much to do to plan for the trip. Dresses to iron and shoes to find.

I'll leave you with a bit of weekend link love....

Investing for fun & profit. (it's not what you think)

These pillows!


Family Rules.

Home * 2014. swoon.....

This song. Plus these guys are funny too.

Raw Chocolate Fudge. Yum.

Kid President has a message for you mamas. I was just going to link to it, but I want you to see it so bad, that I just embedded it below. It's awesome. A must see.



He's soooo good right? I just love him.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.



a sneak peek.....

a sneak peek.....


a sneak peek.....


a sneak peek.....


I have the sewing nook all set up. It overlooks the woods and backyard. Such a sweet little space to escape with pandora singing away as I sew. Best of all.... everything can stay out that I'm working on. I only have to clean up when we have guests coming. I guess this makes it a shared studio space.... but still!?! I'm feeling pretty grateful for the abundance of space in this new home of ours.

The Quilt!

It's coming along. Since I took the photos above, I have sewn a strip of solid grey between the sets of two panels. The pattern is here. I picked it up at a sweet little fabric shop in Lafayette just before we moved north. The fabric I used is all collected bits of treasures from my stash. I bought half yards of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks forever ago when it was in print and have since been waiting for the perfect project. I joked with my girl that I could make good money selling it on etsy. Collectible! But really, that's just no fun. As I was sewing up strips of this in New York..... while all my fabric was boxed up in Louisiana.... I suddenly remembered my mermaid collection. So the last few strips had to wait until we were unpacked in the new house so I could pull a few bits from my stash to add here and there. It's certainly a busy quilt...... but my big girl loves it. And truly, this mama does too. It's coming along in little bits. Slowly but surely getting closer to being done. And yes, there is one skinny strip. No, that is not part of the pattern. A little improv. (aka ~ mistake gone well) More about that another time....


I've got a pile of links for your weekend we exploring! Very handy if it's drizzling at your house too.....

~ Possibly the best thing I've read about the importance of a good old fashioned summer for kids.

~ Gennine. Always.

~ me. rambling about what's for dinner and other random bits. on facebook. want to join us?

~ make fairy wands. because they're awesome.

~ motivation for finishing the current quilt pattern? having already bought the pattern for the next one.... (made with the newest line from Jen of monaluna : raaga ~ I am in love with it, the elephants. gah!!)

~ bubble

~ I ordered one of these before they are all gone (almost!)


plus these from the archives:: 

you know, in case it's sunny at your house. of course, they're good when it's drizzly too.... 

gotta have salt :)


~mango mint margaritas (your welcome)


Happy Weekending to you~




fiddleheads + weekend link love.....

fiddleheads + weekend links......


Fiddleheads + Potatoes + Garlic = so delicious


My cousin flew in for the weekend and we're hoping to explore the city of Providence.... with kids in tow. It should be interesting. Aside from the market does anyone know of a fantastic place to have lunch that isn't crazy expensive? We'd love some ideas....

In other random news, my most favorite yarn store is now online. I know you've heard me gush about how much I love that place and now you can take a peek too. Go ahead, I'll wait for you to get back.

This list of books makes me smile.

This modern quilt show is amazing. Truly.

Some of you have asked about good Bunny information.... this is our favorite website.

This t-shirt is a little naughty..... and it makes me laugh.

We're on a veggie burger kick here & this one is next on the list to try.

I've been looking for a local CSA and found this one and this one. In the process of finding these I found tons of pick your own blueberry and apple farms. If you can imagine me jumping up and down... that is exactly what I did. It seems all around us is orchards and farms... very exciting stuff. Are there any local-ish folks who read this little blog that know of a place they love? Do share.....

I guess that's it.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.




a little friday link love

beginning to feel like home......

 Treasures in my window, a little sneak peek of the sunroom that is now mostly unpacked.


I thought I'd pop in for a little Friday link love::

Have you seen this e-course for summer fun ideas with your kiddos? It looks wonderful. Super great line-up of contributors. I signed us up for both classes here.

Rachel made the cutest sunhat. And she shared the pattern too! Perfect for tiny precious bits in your stash.

On Etsy : succulent plants + seed bombs + green. So fun, right?

Thinking that the fresh sunroom space could use some of these. Aren't they lovely?

Yum. (sub tempeh for vegetarians!)

YOU are fabulous. Just saying.

What have you read or seen or cooked or made that's been good lately? Do share....

Have a great weekend~




ps ~ congrats to Kim who won the giveaway for a spot in Heather's 30 Day Vegan class with me. This weekend is your last chance to sign up. Hope to see you in class!


random bits from the week + some link love.....

random bits from the week + some link love.....


random bits from the week + some link love.....


random bits from the week + some link love.....


random bits from the week + some link love.....


random bits from the week + some link love.....


random bits from the week + some link love.....


random bits from the week + some link love.....


this week had tea, lots & lots of tea. we're pretty smitten with heather's recipe and this handy dandy little tool that froths up almond milk. yes, that photo up there.... it's almond milk.

chocolate chip banana pancakes on a weekday? why not. this girl in the kitchen always makes me smile. i need to give her some room to be free in there.... fly solo with some culinary adventures.

the january stack..... purple

handmade lego glasses are apparently the new in thing....

finally got some fresh aprons in the shop, with one set aside for the little man. he loves these veggies. i love leaving something hanging on his door late at night for him to discover the next day.

more tea.

i can hear the youngest two in the music-den-room chattering as i type this up... luke lugs the typewriter down the hallway from his sister's room and yells "is this from the olden days, it smells like it!"

some other bits:

my friend elizabeth has some sweet little valentine kits in her shop

my other friend erin has a new session of her photography course starting next week {it's awesome!}

a second run (because it sold out the first time!) of this fresh new magazine, amazing...



and lastly, a year ago........


wishing you all a very lovely weekend.



it's still raining + some link love



Speaking of buckets.....

The youngest two (who are always, always up to no good) decided to use a plastic tote as a small ship....


it's still raining....... + some link love


it's still raining....... + some link love


it's still raining....... + some link love


it's still raining....... + some link love


They also made a hilarious failed attempt at using the lid for a raft. Jade and I stood under the carport and laughed as their ship lurched dramatically with even the slightest movement, spilling them into the water again, and again. It was good fun none the less.... even with two sopping wet piles of clothes & boots to show for the adventure. The best part of all was Luke at dinner telling Joe, "well we tried to sail to an island, but it didn't work out so good." (I'm secretly glad they couldn't go far on this voyage.)

More of what you saw yesterday ensued today. Sewing, working, etc. My goal is to get the kitchen cabinets completely finished this weekend and Joe is nearly finished with our bathroom.

On another note, there was no shortage of inspiring bits around the web. Here are a few for you to explore......

DIY chai concentrate. Yum.

A very good reason why I should become a woodworker someday....

Some etsy art love.... foxy and stars (the star quote is so perfect, I love it!)

Erin with an inspiring bit for the new year..... make it happen.

A year ago this month.....

And most important of all. THIS. Because all you mamas rock. Really, really.


Have a wonderful weekend friends....



ps ~ there is an epic sale in the shop starting tomorrow and running for the whole week.... lots of beautifully made goods for 20% off! you can see a sneak peek of the items here.

memory lane + friday links.....

I've moved on to my next house project. Kitchen cabinets. Scrub, de-gloss, touch up with stain, two coats of poly. It's kind of an unglamorous-sticky-stinky-job.... but gosh do they look beautiful afterwards. Not new.... but certainly better. I'll have photos to share next week. I'm trying to keep this little space from becoming a home renovation blog over the next month.... but that's what we're doing. Everyday. I'll be sneaking in some sewing this weekend though.... even if it means making a pot of coffee after dinner and working into the wee hours!

I've been feeling awfully nostalgic these last few days. I do this every time we move. Only slightly unrelated, my oldest came to me and said, Mom, my ipod alarm just went off. I forgot I set it when we first moved here to go off on January 1st 2013. It seemed like it was forever and now it's here. Yes, here it is. It always seems like three or four years is such a long time to be somewhere and it always passes by so quickly. I looked back through photos of the last four years, the house when we moved in, and the spring we were leaving Wisconsin. I found this.... and I just had to share it with you.


friday links.....

four years ago.....

So much and so little time all wrapped into one. Do you so those cheeks? That grin? He loved that lawn mower. He called it his tractor. My heart melted into a puddle when I found this.... love, love, love.

Before I get too carried away on this sappy road trip down memory lane.... I better reel myself in. There are cabinets waiting for me in the kitchen and a second cup of coffee to be had.

Oh yes, and a few links for you....

Speaking of sappy, this piece played the music to my heart. It's a must read, especially if you've got teenagers.

I pre-ordered my copy of this ~ I can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox.

I want 2013 to be my year of quilts. This pattern looks like a good start.

With a little Anna goodness, perhaps?

We love monster books, yes we do.....

Something yummy.

And, just for fun, something from last January. (look at that chard!)


Have a lovely weekend~



a very, very late friday post......

I'm sitting here sipping one of Joe's homebrews. After an all day priming and painting adventure in the master bathroom..... this is by far the best beer ever. Also, painting must be a good work out.... I definitely used muscles that I don't usually use while cooking, cleaning, knitting, sewing... ahem.

As much as I would love to tell you we'd been lingering in the holiday magic these last few days.... it just isn't so. Joe has a few "free" days off during the holidays and we're using every bit of it to get the bathroom finished up as soon as we can. We jumped in the day after Christmas and have worked all day long since. We're immensely thankful that the youngest kids got lots of legos as gifts which has kept them occupied and playing together well the past three days. (thank you Grandma!)

I can hardly beleive we're just a few weeks from putting our house up for sale. Not because the time has gone by so quickly.... but because we have a lot of work to do! But, back to the bathroom. Having two toilets to share between six people is an amazing luxury. One which we are missing very much right now. So after the April Thicket paint dries.... Joe will be laying down tile, and soon after that the toilet that is currently on our patio will be back in its proper place. (look behind Luke in the second photo, right-hand side) Also, we had to tell the little man at least three times that it would absolutely not be funny in any way to use the toilet on the patio. Don't laugh! It would really not be funny. Okay... maybe later as a good story... but don't tell him that!

A few snapshots from the week....


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


Cat's have it so good, don't they? He just lays in the sun all day. I walk by with a paint brush in hand and hair that hasn't been washed since yesterday and I still stop to scratch his belly. It's ridiculous.


Before I get back to finishing dinner, I have a few links for you......

I made these for dinner tonight. Tossing them with roasted sweet potatoes & kale, gluten free penne pasta, pesto & grated parmesan. Delicious.

I gifted myself with this. Hello 12 months of quilt blocks. I'll be sharing them here, for sure!

The Lumineers have been keeping me company while I paint.... four dollars well spent.

If you haven't "liked" Gypsy Forest Handmade on facebook..... join us. I talk about shop stuff.... share blog posts.... and other random bits. Like links to food and stuff. C'mon, it's fun! Swing on over.

As a glass half full kind of girl, I love Rachel's thoughts on skimming the cream.

I'll be back here more often next week.... hopefully with some beautiful bathroom pictures to share!

Happy weekending to you....




ps ~ if you're new here from a happy stitch or rhythm of the home, welcome!


a few bits from our week + some link love

We wandered around town this week with a friend visiting from California. He's a history buff, so we made our way to the little museum in the next town over. We had the place all to ourselves, learned a bit of local flight & sawmill history, and best of all it was free!


a few bits from our week + some link love


a few bits from our week + some link love


As soon as we arrived home, the little lego enthusiast built a model inspired by the visit....


a few bits from our week + some link love


And in other news, we officially have an in-house chemist. His uniform consists of big brother's oxford shirt and swim goggles, for safety of course. He's been conducting bathroom experiments..... 


a few bits from our week + some link love


And of course, a lovely list of links from around the web that made me smile.....

A really good tutorial for super cute fabric buckets.

Alphabet Glue Volume Ten!

Hello Pumpkin Granola.

5-minute peppermint chocolate mousse, oh my.

An e-course on homespun seasonal living.

Typepad featured my little handmade shop!

Ginny is hosting an amazing giveaway to benefit the DeNardo family, I am so happy to be offering a $50 gift certificate to the shop as one of the many prizes. This giveaway is one of the many reasons I love being part of the blogging community. Truly amazing.

I thought it would be fun to post a few of my giftable ideas from past posts. So here are links to granola, biscotti, vanilla bourbon, and snack mix. (pssst... Bertha now lives on 30 acres with the sweetest old couple, funny how things work out sometimes!)

I have a sponsor spotlight to share with you tomorrow....

Have a wonderful weekend!