winter chores.....

in my kitchen












These are a collection of things from the last month or so.

We picked up our grain share near the beginning of February. We've been eating local beans, oats, corn, fresh flour. And popcorn! This sort of thing makes my heart very happy.

I've been sprouting. It had been awhile. The youngest gave me a peculiar look munching on his avocado-cheese-sprout sandwich and said "whatever these weird crunchy things are, I love them!" I'll take that as a win.

We made maple syrup candy in the snow!! And it worked!! Yes, I needed extra exclamation points there because we've tried this in the past, several times, and failed. This year was a hit. One of the kids suggested maybe we just needed good snow. I think the Daddy just has better candy making skills than the mama.

Kombucha has gotten serious. I've been doing second ferments with fruit juice and ginger added. (blueberry and cherry) I even got some cool flip-tops on sale from the homebrew store. And a few small single-serve ones for Joe's lunch. His coworkers like to wander over to his desk and see what weird hippie thing he has that day. Is it mason jar soup day or strange metal lunchbox day?

I just finished my intro class on herbalism, and I am beginning my intermediate class right away. (more to share about this another post/day) I've learned SO much about herbs and even made my first herbal salve. I've been slowly gifting it to loved ones and telling them, this is magic. And I really mean it.

Leftover oatmeal muffins. An oldie and a goodie. Made with half spelt and half buckwheat. Slathered in butter and jam. My favorite from last summer's canning extravaganza is the wild grape. Hands down. I could eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. Not that I have. Ahem.

Tell me, what's join on in your kitchen?