a year of hats : january
well, there's snow.....

maybe it's cabin fever






I suddenly decided to clean out closets.

I'm not sure what it was. To be honest, it's usually not the mess. It's usually something I'm thinking about that is totally unrelated to the mess. Decluttering helps clear my mind. And the best time to get rid of piles of stuff is when your mind is preoccupied. It takes a lot to grab your attention, you know? More stuff goes in the bag.

So I hit my side of the closet and dresser first. One bag. Two bag. My favorite thrifted sweater that I've had for over a decade finally got the boot. The book shelf after that (woah mama, this lady is on a roll.) One box, two box to donate plus one HUGE stack to sell on Amazon. On to the kitchen and pantry. Three box. I would have started in the studio next, but we leave soon for a quick trip north for my new little nephew's baptism..... so I temporarily stopped the get-rid-of-stuff train.

I have a lot of shifting to do in the studio. I recently sold my spinning wheel...... did I tell you that already? I don't remember. And I'm paring down what I sell in my shop, no more sewn goods for the time being. I'm hoping to do some patterns for my aprons, bags, art wraps, and doll quilts as pdf downloads.... available this spring (fingers crossed). All of that is the long way of saying I suddenly realized that if I am not sewing for other people, I have entirely too much fabric. And yarn. Which is always falling on my head. I thought of taking pictures of each thing and selling them individually..... but I think it would be so much fun to put together mystery studio bundles. And you have to say "mystery studio bundles!" in a booming theatrical voice, c'mon it's fun! Each would contain a few half yards of fabric, one skein of yarn, and some other random goodies. Just like Soulemama did f-o-r-e-v-e-r ago when they moved into their farmhouse. What do you think? I love a good surprise!

I guess that's all I have to share this morning. Maybe I'll head to the bathroom drawers next. My lovely kiddos have a knack for collecting odd bits of things in there.... along with never throwing a band-aid wrapper away. Ever. Instead they pile up in the back of the drawer, because, you know.... the bathroom trash can is sooooooo far away from the drawer that contains band-aids. Goofy kids.




ps - if you wonder I've been stopping in here less, I blame it all on instagram. all the cool kids are there. come on over. it's pretty fun!