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real food : real budget + weekend links

real food : real budget + weekend links 

A few weeks ago Tricia of Farmish Momma invited me to guest post in her Real Food Real Budget series. She's had a really nice turnout of bloggers sharing recipes, tips, and budget ideas over the last few weeks. You can pop over there and read my post if you like.

I just tweaked the sizing on the blog last night to make the pictures a squeak bigger. Did you notice? Did it do anything weird on your end? I'm always worried when I mess with the coding... I really know just about enough to be dangerous. And there are other computer things, like SEO. I can sew a french seam, but I have no idea what SEO is. It makes my brain hurt. I keep getting these emails from random "companies" offering to improve my site and SEO. (uhm, what?) I think this little space we hang out in is pretty sweet as is. Just saying.

Joe has been gone all week & he's home for the weekend this evening. I am looking forward to some wine by the fire with my favorite guy. I usually get a ton of sewing done while he's out, but man. This week has been crazy. I did clean the closet and get all the laundry put away. I think I should have sewn instead. Anyhow, I have a few link love bits for you before I head off to tidy the house & get some errands done.......

Summer Grove in Night (one can never have too much fabric, right?)

This Quilt (wow!)

Sweet little bird embroidery patterns. (free!)

This Scarf/Cowl by Quince & Co.

I was dreaming on pinterest about our someday-forever-house and thinking little guest cottages and painted stairs would be so perfect.......

Let's eat :: morning sweet potatoes, socca, and green curry porridge

On Etsy :: sweet cards, this yarn bowl, and soap stacks.

A year ago today :: Camellias. Oh how I miss Louisiana right now........

Happy weekending to you all~~



p.s. if you're visiting from Farmish Momma..... welcome! I hope you stick around and hang out with us~~~