the girls get a house ~ part two
food, life, work.......

change, learning, & new beginnings

change, learning & new beginnings


change, learning & new beginnings


change, learning & new beginnings


change, learning & new beginnings


change, learning & new beginnings


This year marks our seventh year on this homeschooling journey. And much like other aspects of parenting... I expected to be such a pro by now. But I'm not. Of course. We're doing more things that look like school this year than ever before, but it's the non-school things that always catch my attention.

The hours spent following their passions. The big chunks of boredom turned into incredible creativity. The laughter. The fighting. The building. The running. The collaborating. The freedom. 

This year the two big kids are both off at public high school and it has made a tremendous shift in our day. These two left at home are, as they say, thick as thieves. Paired up in nearly every bit of what they do. It's been fun to watch.

We're still finding our footing in this new place. Meeting homeschool friends is always the last and slowest and hardest thing to unfold when we move. So for now, it's just the three of us. But we'll get there. This I know.

I had planned to pull together a more formal post about homeschooling for you this week..... but my mind isn't quite there yet.... so you'll have to be patient with me. Today I am drinking lots of tea, fighting off a little cold, solo parenting for the week, and getting ready for the art fair this weekend. Goodness there is much to do. As for shop talk, the shop will be closed on Thursday for the weekend. I do hope to bump into a few of you at the fair. I've got a limited amount of sets of three postcards to give to you if you are able to stop in and say hello. (yes, for free!) Also, I'll be sharing sneak peeks of new shop goodies here all week.

Today I leave with these tree house photos. I've been meaning to share the tree house for awhile now. Joe and Sophie built the basic structure over the summer and Sophie has recently been using scrap wood to add walls and such. That girl knows her way around the shop, I can tell you that! At first I wasn't keen on this idea. I don't love the idea of it being a smorgasbord of wood and screws. Safety, aesthetics, etc.

And then Joe reminded me, "It's not your tree fort."

And he's right.

So I stand back, and let it go.

As I pulled these photos together today I realized how much we have to learn to do this as parents. The stepping back and letting go. Reminding ourselves this isn't our tree fort. I do believe this freedom is what they learn from more than anything. Hard as it might be sometimes. All learning environments and theories and education styles set aside.... a deep and genuine love and trust of their ability is what really makes them soar.

In the meantime I'll keep my eye out for lost screws and gently remind them that bare feet and saws might not be the best of ideas......



{ps ~ if you are wondering what they are up to, they've caught a wooly bear caterpillar}