the last three days.....
march 1

a little shop talk.....

It would be embarrassing if you saw the stack of fabric boxes I packed up tonight.

This really better be the year of quilts for me because I sure as heck have the fabric to make it happen. My teenage boy will be teasing me about this for a very, very long time. Some how it all looks bigger in brown boxes than folded nice and pretty on a shelf. Ahem. Imagine me sheepishly smiling at the dear husband when he asks if I need it all. Well, of course not. But I love it all.

Speaking of fabric-y goodness.... I've got a sale going on in the shop. I'll be putting a few items on sale each week for the next week or two. Just to pare the shop-goods down to one tote that will get packed for the ride to NY. The three youngest kiddos, two dogs, cat, and I will be heading north to hang out with family while we wait for Joe & Sam to finish things up down here. Two whole months without that guy I love so much. That's a whole lot of making my own darn coffee. But, back to the shop goodies. I'm discontinuing the big fluffy wool quilts for now, a few spindrift quilts have been marked down (over $20 off!) and my postcard sets are buy one get on free!

Snag yourself a handmade bargain. Your purchase will help fund my dark chocolate and good coffee habit as I drive 1600 miles north with a pet/kid to grown up ratio of 6 to 1. (oh my!) Of course, the big girl isn't really a "kid" anymore. She's more like my co-pilot.


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


Speaking of driving with kids..... does anyone have some wonderful audio books to recommend? Suggestions please.... especially something that a mama and big sister can also enjoy.

One last bit of news.... for the last year I have been a part of this group. I can tell you they are an amazing, talented, kind hearted group of crafters. Really, truly. We've got a really sweet giveaway on Soulemama's blog this weekend. Here's a sneak peek at the spring goodies. Swing by on Saturday to enter.


natural kids spring giveaway


I'm off to pack something else I have too much of. Books. Oh boy....

have a good evening~~




ps ~ i know you're wondering about that fabric. the answer is ten book boxes full. i know, i know.....but it's all so pretty.....