~mindful monday~
the honey cowl

a story that might be better left untold.....

The last two days have been a whirlwind!

We met with the realtor Monday evening and listed the house! She called Tuesday to see if we were ready for a showing.... and again today. We've been scrubbing & tidying & cleaning & running out of the house at dinner time the last two nights in a row.

For all of you who have gone through the process of selling a house...... you know what kind of chaos ensues. Attempting to load children and animals into a car is uhm..... well actually it's awful.

I probably shouldn't share this story with you, but I think it's good to talk about the ins and outs of real life. This was an outs moment.... which is a really bad joke. You'll get it after you read the story. You'll also understand why this post has no photos. In fact, I think it's the first post ever to have no photos.

Last night we loaded everyone up. Maggie in her dog kennel, Jasper in his kitty kennel, old man Sid in his dog bed in the car, three kids, two adults. And we're off. Luke is very upset that he cannot show the people interested in the house around his room and even more upset that they'll be in our house alone. Will they steal our stuff? he asks. No, no, they won't steal anything we assure him. We drive away and the cat starts howling. Insanely loud. This makes Maggie bark and the kids start laughing. Next poor Jasper starts trying to claw and chew his way out of the kennel, so much for his reputation of being the most mellow cat ever. He succeeds in his escape attempts as we're driving down the highway. Jade lures him into her arms, we pull over, fix the kennel door, put him back in, and drive off. Next we smell the unmistakable scent of cat pee. The kids start yelling. Joe rolls down all the windows. We pull over for the second time, get the cat cleaned up, the kennel cleaned up, and put him back in. At this point we realize a leisurely drive is a really, really bad idea and we head back towards town. (with a stop for lysol wipes + diaper wipes for emergency clean-ups) Which is good, because there were more to come. I'll let you guess what the cat did next. Yep, number two. Which smells even worse than number one. Joe is driving with his head out the window, some of the kids are making dramatic gagging noises and some are laughing. The cat is howling. The dog is barking. I just start laughing.

Joe looks at me and says, how do you think this is funny.... how can you be laughing. And I say, what else is there to do? And I keep on laughing.... so much that my cheeks hurt, big fat tears rolling down my cheeks.

We pull over and attend to the kitty (again). A text from the realtor says it's okay to head home.... so off we go (again). Arriving home to find out poor Maggie had gotten carsick in her kennel. We can imagine why! I got this, I got it.... I tell Joe. Just take everyone inside. I wonder how many showings it takes to sell a house.....

As I scrub the kennel out in the driveway, I hear Luke shriek from the kitchen, They stole our apples, our apples are gone!!!!

They're in the bowl on the table, I yell. 

Phew, he says. I was so worried about that.

So there you have it. A terrible horrible first attempt at getting everyone out of the house. I do apologize for the graphic (aka gross) nature of the story. But you know, that's life sometimes.

Messy, funny, real life.

{ps ~ tonight's showing was much less traumatic for everyone, with no clean-ups involved!}