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$100 grocery challenge ~ week 2

So sorry for the delay in pulling this post together. We have shown the house four times in the last five days and we *think* we might have an offer that is going to work out! There is, of course, a mountain of to-do's and such between now and the possible closing date of early April....... but goodness our fingers are crossed here!

The second week of my budget went well:

grocery store $21, $128, $8 for a total of $157

No eating out this week!

Two expensive items were local honey + good quality vanilla extract, $8.99 each!! I almost ditched the vanilla..... but I use it in every baked good.... so into the cart it went.

I misplaced my grocery receipt, so I don't have a list of what I bought this week. It was basically milk, eggs, pantry staples and tons of veggies & salad stuff.

Menu for the week:

breakfast ~ smoothies, granola & kefir, nut-butter toast

lunch ~ leftover dinner 2 days, popcorn & smoothies, salad & beans 3 days, lunch at a birthday party with friends

dinner ~ salmon tacos, pizza at a friend's birthday party, big salads and cheese bread, sandwiches + salad, chicken + veggies in the crockpot, curry soup + rice, pasta + marinara sauce

We pulled off big salads or a green smoothie 5 days.... still hoping to get in the habit of doing this daily.

How about you guys? What worked, what didn't? Did any of you plan a menu? Was it helpful? Any good tips or recipes to share in eating healthy + frugal? Share in the comments and be sure to read through them. My favorite tip from last week was using the air popper to toast raw nuts! We'll be trying that this week for sure.

I have two recipes to share this week. Our favorite green smoothies + my new favorite granola. BOTH of these recipes are inspired by my dear friend Heather. I have taken a few of her food classes and I am always inspired by the recipes and her nourishing holistic approach to food. She is a gem, truly. (and she has a beautiful blog, do wander over there....)

Onto our green smoothies...... (adapted from this recipe)

I have a no frills 10+ year old refurbished blender. I paid $40 for it at a discount shop years ago. I would love (LOVE) to have a fancy one someday that can blend root veggies into our drinks. But for now, we get by with what we have. I have found the trick to be adding the greens and liquid first. Tear up the greens into large pieces & blend until as smooth as possible. After you have a lovely smooth green mixture, you can then add your frozen fruit. We all love green smoothies and I really need to get over the noise of it in the morning and make them more often. Even my littlest guy celebrates when I make a pitcher of green goodness. (super groovy mason jar lid and straw can be found here!)


$100 grocery challenge  ~  week 2


In your blender put :

half a bunch of torn greens (spinach, chard & kale are our favorite) about 4-6 kale leaves

1 cup of water (or more if needed)

1 cup of almond milk or kefir

1 frozen or fresh banana (I freeze ripe bananas and keep them in a bag in the freezer, frozen bananas make the smoothie rich and creamy)

a generous splash of lemon juice

2 cups of fresh or frozen fruit (I prefer mangoes, pineapple & peaches ~ mostly because the smoothie stays pretty and green..... berries make it brown-ish and we eat lots of berries on granola + oatmeal)

*feel free to add some good nutritional boosts. we add maca (supports endocrine system), this powder, hemp seeds, coconut manna, etc.... get creative! also, a budget tip, bunches of spinach are nearly half the price of boxed spinach greens!

*Blend the greens + water + almond milk or kefir until smooth & creamy. Add the banana, lemon juice & frozen fruit. Blend until smooth. You may need a bit more water if the smoothie is too thick. I usually add another cup. This makes three nice sized smoothies. I pour about a cup and a half into glasses for Joe & I. Then I add a bit more water, kefir, another banana & 1 cup of fruit to the mixture, blend again and fill four glasses for the kids. I find that the kids are more eager to eat them if they have a bit more fruit & kefir in them than mine & Joe's. Especially my youngest girl who needs a bit of coaxing to drink hers up!

This turned into such a l--o--n--g post! Goodness. Tomorrow is Mindful Monday, but I'll be back on Tuesday to share our granola recipe!

Enjoy the last bits of your weekending.....