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"There is one downside to truly fresh eggs, however: They do not peel easily when hard-boiled. But, if you cannot abide the extra minute or two it takes to peel a fresh hard-boiled egg, you probably need to reexamine your life."

~Homesteading in the 21st Century by Goerge Nash & Jane Waterman


I've seriously loved this book. It's bookshelf worthy, truly. The kind that you pick up again and again. {at least for the homestead dreaming/living types} I must say the tongue & cheek humor and honesty of the author(s) had me laughing out loud more than once. The above quote gave me an especially good chuckle...

However, we have found that if you poke your fresh eggs with a thumb tack prior to boiling and immerse them in icy cold water after their ten minute boil they are much, much easier to peel. And if ever again I grumble at bits of the egg white staying attached to the shell and lumpy sort of looking deviled eggs I hope to recall this quote and smile.