~Mindful Monday~

I've been tagged

I was tagged awhile back by Aldra over at Conciously Frugal in a blog chain letter sort of thing.... the idea is to share some old posts that might be of interest to readers.... especially the newbies in the bunch. There are seven categories that we are supposed to find posts about but I don't really like to follow rules.... so instead you just get some really random bits of love that I've pulled together from my walk down memory lane.


1. According to google search, the two most common things that people search for and then find their way to this blog are quinoa patties and false ladybugs. For some reason, this makes me laugh.


3. Speaking of food, that page does get a lot of visitors. Hopefully those recipes are good enough to keep you coming back to make them again. Except maybe that weird thanksgiving soup I made forever ago.... (it was delicious, I promise... however definitely not beautiful.)


2. I think the most informative thing I ever posted about was a whole week of ramblings on why we homeschool. Lots of good comments in that week and a whole lotta love too. The first in the series is right here.

*(though my personal favorite was my less wordy backyard chicken series, we've since moved and no longer have chickens & I love looking back on that time... my have my babies grown!)


3. For total cuteness factor, this is the first picture I ever blogged (December 2008).

Mama & baby gnome.

Me & a very little Lukey


4. I ramble a lot, and you guys are all still here. Wether I'm feeling mindful, or in a funk, you listen & when I get all sentimental about teenagers you get all misty eyed right along with me. I love you for that.

This winter will mark three years of being in this space.... hanging out with all of you brings a smile to my face. Especially on days when I feel like saying, as Ani Difranco puts it, "I know I can't be the only whatever I am in the room." (so true!)

I never would have guessed this space would turn in to a little community and our lives would be intermingled in such heartfelt beautiful ways. So before I get all sappy (and you know I do). I just want to say thanks for being my peeps. For reals.

You guys rock.




p.s. you should totally check out Aldra's blog, she's funny and regularly makes me choke on my coffee in laughter when I visit her.