happy friday
little things

in {our} kitchen









Our kitchen is always a busy sort of place. Not only is it always in the making of food for an ever hungry bunch..... it's also always got some sort of fermenting, preserving, homeschooling, game playing thing going on as well. We often joke that we could add a few bunks and live happily all together right in this space. {Well, maybe a bathroom too.} Here's a peek into the last few days of food on goings in our kitchen..... all of which bring a happiness to my heart. Because after all, food is love.

Poppy & sesame seeds added to our homemade granola

Farm fresh eggs over wilted spinach with a side of peach salsa. It was intended as a side dish, right Rachel?

Croutons with dijon mustard and olive oil and butter.... from this book. 

Peppers (also farm fresh) in place of tomatoes in our salads 'cause tomato season is over here in the south. And croutons.... lots of croutons.

Our Last night of a table set for four..... so happy to pick up our girl tomorrow. (photo & table setting by Miss Sophia)

Quinoa with lemon, olive oil, fresh herbs & feta. Awesome.

Quarts of homemade chicken stock for use in recipes throughout our week.

Two helpers that talked and chopped and dropped bits on the floor for the dog.... mostly on accident (I think) while they helped their mama make soup.

Busy right? And in other foodie news we've decided to ditch wheat for a bit & reduce our grains in general. So if anyone has a decent wheat-free bread recipe that I can turn into those gorgeous croutons above (which thank goodness have been eaten), I would be forever grateful. And actually if any of you have traveled the wheat free road and found some great recipes.... please do leave a link to share. 

I'd love to know what kitchen on goings are bringing some happiness to your days.