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life with a teen.....


Today was a whirlwind of packing bags for our Alaska trip...

finding lost glasses....

rescuing a little mourning dove fledgling..

clearing out the girls room of furniture for the next remodeling project....

(I know, we haven't shared the boys room yet... it's about 90% done)

the usual chaos and pre-departure excitement.

And to all that we add the following:

Our eldest, Mr Sam, is officially registered for 9th grade.

This spring he decided to go back to public school and I swallowed my *huge* nonconformist pride and drove him to a week worth of standardized testing so they could "place" him. I will not get into how I loathe that type of testing.... but seriously, I despise it. He did very well on the tests (he's a smarty pants) and today he & I went to the guidance counselor to get him enrolled. He's nervous and excited and looking forward to some honors classes that will keep him challenged. 

{Mom, I remember sitting in next to you doing the same thing..... talk about flashbacks!}

And now, please excuse me while I hide some mama tears...

Oh my.

How did we get to here? A 9th grader? Wow.

I am excited for him.... and worried.... and feeling a little.... uhm... old. 

And in the newspaper was the most perfect comic that really sums up life with a teen... it's entertaining, challenging and fun. Some moments... when you're feeling frustrated and things are going sour... try singing. I'm not kidding. I really do that. I'll start belting out "You are my sunshine......" and nobody can stay grumpy after that. Joe & Sam both think I'm crazy... and they're partly right. But everyone starts to laugh.

So when this comic was in the paper this week... Joe and I laughed and laughed.... and Sam laughed too. It was sort of like someone was peeking in at our life.... of course I realize I am not the first mama to resort to acting foolish to lighten things up.

"Mom, they even have your song right." Sam said to me.

Ahhhh my boy.... changing into a man before my eyes.... wow. Just, wow.