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October 2009

Loving :: This Dress

I am loving this book.....

Carefree Clothes for Girls 

I've been waiting all summer for it. Last Friday it finally showed up and I LOVE IT! The patterns are both practical and funky. I love the vintage inspired style and the photography is fabulous!

I really, really wanted to make something from the book......... but with two Halloween costumes to finish up I tucked it aside........ waiting to make something from it.......

Until Miss Seven announced that she would need a red gingham dress to be Little Red Riding Hood.......

I pulled out Carefree Clothes for Girls and found the perfect little dress pattern inside. Now, red gingham isn't necessarily my favorite...... but my Little Red was quite insistent on being completely red. 

"And with a ruffle mom!"

Well then, red and ruffled you got........



The pattern in the book was easy to follow and came out really, really nice. The pattern is true to size in my opinion and the size 7 fit my Miss Seven very nicely. She's been wearing it every chance she could get since its creation! I will certainly be making more of these!!

And with an apron and a mama made velvet cape..... she certainly makes a pretty Little Red Riding Hood!! 

Make that a silly little Red Riding Hood!

Silly Red 

I'll see you all this weekend to share a photo or two of Halloween Kiddos.

Have a spook-tacular Halloween!     (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

The Vintage Swap

Yes I know it's 8 pm and I'm just getting on here to blog. It's just been one of those days..... but rather than dwell on that..... I am going to sit here with my glass of wine, in my quiet house and share this with you........

I just participated in my first online swap of goodies.

Heather from Shivaya Naturals put it all together and 50 pairs of vintage loving folks got to swap some much loved goods :)

You can see some photos of what I sent out to my partner here

And this is what I received in my package.........

vintage swap 2009 

lovely spools

I am quite in love with the tin and wooden spools, neither of which I had in my own collection. Kandyce also included a lovely old pattern and a handkerchief embroidered by an elderly family member. All these things being shared with me by a total stranger touched my heart in this totally amazing way.

To Kandyce for the goodies and Heather for putting all this together....

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You ladies have had me smiling all month.

And if any of you are interested in a swap, there's a button one here.

Goodnight :)

WIP - Max & "The" Sweater

So here we are again at Wednesday all ready.........

I would like to start by saying I am trying my darndest to join the sweater club. I want to knit more than just a hat or booties. I want to knit a sweater. And so with 4 skeins of yarn and a pattern in hand I have begun. Cast on 133 - join - and knit in the round for 9 inches. I've been knitting in the car..... while the kids take their baths..... in the morning before anyone is awake..... and the sweater has grown to just under 6 inches..... it's coming along slowly but surely and I'm liking the variation in this yarn....... so long as I keep on keepin' on this should be done in plenty of time to be under the tree at Christmas.

Mr Three's Sweater 

And then there's Max. Yes I know the movie Where the Wild Things Are is out in theater, but we are not planning on seeing it. Why you ask?? Because this was my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e book as a child. One of the very first books I bought my own kids as soon as they were past the "eating board books" stage. A book that has now survived 4 children, a puppy, 5 cross country moves and lived in 4 different states. Seeing the movie would ruin that love affair for me. And since I am smitten with my littlest's sudden interest in this book, I dare say I may ban the movie completely! I remember reading this story night after night after night years ago to the eldest when he was the same age. (insert teary eyes here) Mr Three is certainly King of the Wild Things around here...... and Max is his hero these days.... so I am going to come up with my own version of a "Wolf Suit" for my own little mischief maker........

King of the Wild Things

"Max" pattern cut out.......

A decade of good reading....

And there's talk amongst the bigger wild things of a little red riding hood and a granny to go with her..... so I'd better get sewing while Wild Thing Mr Three is napping.....

Swamp Thing(s)

The *finally* cooler weather seems to have the swamp dwelling critters on the move.... we've been seeing more and more frogs and turtles. We've seen at least three types of frogs in our backyard. I love hearing them croak out there. My favorite guy, and easiest to photograph, was the one that hung out on the window of our french doors.

window decor 


frog on a window

Joe has been finding turtles in the road lately.... he bikes to work so he sees a lot of cool stuff..... so rather then let them get squished, he brings them home for the kids to see (we're only two blocks from where he's found them) and then we return them to the swamp...

The Box Turtle Mud Turtle came first. About the size of an orange..... he was shy and wanted nothing to do with anyone. His body is a big round shape......

miss six & box turtle


curious boy

Then came this guy who we initially thought was a painted turtle, until we saw the design on his belly. A little google search revealed to us that he is in fact a Red Eared Slider. Not one we had ever seen up north! His ridged back is so prehistoric looking. Fiesty itsy bitsy guy he crawled all over everything! What fun he was....

red eared slider belly 


shy guy 


let me go!

Their Gallery

For the last few weeks my kids have cracked jokes at the empty frames I'd hung up on the wall. They still contained the "fake people" in them from being purchased..... their jokes went something like this.....

"Who are these people in our house?"

"I've got amnesia, I don't even know my own family!"

"This is our little brother who was sadly eaten by a Louisiana alligator." while pretending to cry.....

And they went on..... and on...... and on.......

Yes my loves you are very funny. 

But your joking days have come to end because the mama finally got her act together and put those frames to their intended use.


The look on Mr Three's face when I presented him with his framed water color picture from yesterday was just priceless.

"I won" he told us as he hugged it. I am assuming that means he liked it!

i won! 

their gallery 

that one's mine 

These were inexpensive frames purchased from a craft store and I haphazardly arranged them in a square on the wall in our large entryway. It's a place where everyone can see it. The kids will be switching art out of them whenever they have a finished masterpiece they want to add to their gallery.

And while I miss all the bad lovely  jokes from the oldest two about the random faces on the wall...... I will enjoy walking past this space and admiring my kids creations. There's just something very serious and professional about having your art framed. They love it!

(You'll have to excuse the early morning mixed with thunderstormy day lighting in these photos!)

Enjoy Your weekend!!


The sound of their footsteps in the hall each morning as they awake......

After putting in the bamboo floors.... I can easily tell which of my four is coming down the hall by their footsteps. The littlest one, Mr Three will almost run to the corner and then stop to peak around and see who is up all ready. He waits until someone makes eye contact with him and then he runs into your arms. Most days he has a HUGE grin on his face and greets me with a "Good Mornin' Mama!" or my favorite "I love you really much!" Some days he needs extra time to sit on my lap before he starts his day... head buried in my chest..... a little grumbly bear......

I want to remember this........

anybody out there? 

her i come!

PS - I just found out about a LOVELY give away - ending today...... head over to Garden Mama to see.....

WIP Wednesday

This last week has been a whirlwind of knitting and sewing. I have been doing one of these in every bit of free time I have....... sometimes the creativity makes me crazy! Must keep sewing.......

It started with knitting up this hat for a friend.... Mr Three was kind enough to model it here..... (please excuse the peeled off wallpaper look behind him!)

Dino Hat 

Then my other friends welcomed their sweet baby girl to the world last Thursday and I have since been sewing and knitting and sewing!! They didn't know if baby was a girl or boy until her arrival..... so much fun! So I've been getting a little pile of goodies to send out...... finished up the last item today. The hat started it all..... (VERY loosely based on this pattern...... little gnome)

gnome 1 

Knit in "Poppies" by Mosaic Moon (LOVE this yarn!!)

gnome 2

And with such a cute hat, doesn't a girl need an outfit to go with it?

Owl Outfit 

And for those cold Wisconsin winters, a cute snuggly blanket would also be nice!!

Gypsy's Blanket 

The quilt is based on my original design but with flannel on one side to make it extra cozy!

It was like the book "If you give a mouse a Cookie"...... one idea kept inspiring the next! 

And for my true WIP (work-in-progress), I started a sweater today based on the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, one of my favorite books..... I'll share the progress on this next Wednesday because after sharing the above photos, my itsy bitsy beginning of the sweater is rather boring! And besides, I have a feeling this sweater will be a "WIP" for awhile.......

A Day in New Orleans

My friend & I headed to New Orleans on Saturday for a mama's only day in the city. My friend is a born and raised Louisiana girl and so she knew all the fun places to go and things to see in New Orleans. 

The French Quarter is amazing. The old architecture is beautiful. We drank coffee and ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde. YUM! Lots of fun places to see, eat and shop! Street performers on every corner keeps it all very interesting. You can tour the area in a horse pulled cart or in a street car. I walked down the famous Bourbon street, just so I could say I'd done it! Wow. That street is like a whole other world...... one which I am glad I experienced without any kids in tow. I'd have spent a lot of time covering their eyes!! It was fun though :)

I much preferred Magazine Street area. This is where the yarn shop is and clothing boutiques and antique store after antique store after antique store........ heaven!! I came home with two little gems. Both things I had been looking for. 

St Louis Cathedral St Louis Cathedral


Horse Carriages


The French Quarter


Volkswagen Art Volkswagen Art


all decked out wow


steal your face back window


tin man yes, he's real!


vintage finds


mirror & washboard 

Vintage Swap

Yesterday afternoon, this little bundle was carefully packaged up and sent off to my Vintage Swap partner. This is my first swap, and I can say it is really exciting to be sending off a little of my own treasures. And I love feeling connected to this group of fellow crafters, writers, mothers and lovers of all that is vintage. A much more eloquent expression of these feelings of being connected can be read here, Circle of Stones. (I hope you don't mind me sharing, Heather.)

Travel well and arrive safely my treasures......

vintage swap