Freezer Paper Art
Inspired Soup

What a week.....

And it's not over yet. This morning the house is fairly quiet. Most of the kids are sleeping in and the Daddo is even sleeping in. He pulled a late night last night..... and has today off. It's a brief moment to take a breath in this crazy week..... but in a few hours we'll be headed out the door to board game day and a homeschool folk dance class put on by some local musicians...... and tomorrow morning I've got a used book sale I coordinated (I adore a good used sale) Phew!!

But at this moment..... everyone is happily playing or sleeping and I have a few moments to hop on here and post a few photos from the crazy week of weather we had. Let's see, we had freezing rain for two days, which washed away the last snow, then we had a thunderstorm, and now it's cold again and spitting flurries. Winter and spring are certainly having a good fight during this transition.

The kids have soaked every pair of shoes, including their rain boots, and I have washed a wee bit extra laundry this week thanks to those tempting puddles. On our walk yesterday we looked through our flower garden to discover little shoots and bits of green bravely emerging from a still frozen ground. Green grass is peeking through the snow..... spring is slowly coming.

And so, I leave with a few views of nature at our place this week.

Be Well :)

Blossoms covered in ice....

Grass peeking through the snow....

Finally riding bikes again...

frozen rain.....

my boy's shadows......

spring eggs.... 4 a day!