twelve and a half
Freezer Paper Art

The last snowman.....

Well, spring came here with a snowstorm. About two inches..... and since we thought (and mama secretly hoped) that it was the last snow of the year..... and possibly our last snow for several years (since we are moving to a subtropical climate).... Miss 6 decided she must take full advantage of every possible flake....

Cathing snowflakes

Catching snowflakes on her tongue..... 

I absolutely love this photo..... mouth open running ....... determined to catch every little snowflake.


Our wagon and bikes are covered in fluffy snow *~sigh~*


All right, the "MOM" in snow did make me smile.... a little....


The Spring Snowman, named Rudolph by Miss 6. 

She insisted that I tell you all his name.

(Photo by the Eldest, Mr. Twelve & a Half)

Mama really, truly, hopes this is the last snowman of winter. (No offense little guy)

I hope the sun and warmth is headed your way..... I know it will be here soon...... I know it will be here soon (this is my new mantra).