twelve and a half

On the needles.....

My hand is healing up nicely so I'm knitting again (yeah!!)

I have found my self stumbling through the Picky Pants pattern to knit up some shorties for the wee one. The pattern is well written, but as a novice knitter I just have to look a lot of stuff up. I figured out how to do short rows..... after getting flustered and swearing under my breath as I pulled several rows out, several times.

They are finally coming along and starting to look like something. When you cast on over 100 stitches it seems like it takes forever to knit a round! Wow.....

I also just ordered some merino superwash yarn from Pure Wool through a co-op. It's supposed to be very good for knitting clothing.... which I hope to do this spring. I'm hoping to knit some tank or cap sleeve shirts up for the girls. Preferably in the round.... if anyone knows a good beginner pattern, let me know!! My goals may be lofty, but darn it a girl can dream.  

~*Knit shirts and twirly skirts all made by mama ~sigh~*

Just for fun, here is a photo of what's on my needles right now. There are several more rows to be completed before it fits over a cloth diapered bum...... maybe the knitting fairy will do a few as I sleep....


Knitted from some beautiful yarn my mom sent me... 

it is Paton's classic wool in Wedgewood.

(I have a thing for blue & brown.

Happy day to you all! Hope you enjoy it :)