in stitches........

~~Chickens and Sunshine~~

Finally.......... the warm sun has returned. 

It was in the 40's yesterday and we all spent a lot of time out of doors. Jackets were shed and proclamations of "it's too hot to wear our coats" where heard from all the gypsy children...... I finally gave in and stopped asking them to leave their jackets on. 

Miss 10 even insisted upon wearing her sandals..... what's a mama to do?!?

So, while I was mostly hanging laundry and diapers to dry on the clothesline and chasing the wee one through mud {glorious mud!} on his bike, I did catch a few photos.

The girls (hens) were very pleased to snack on bits of grass finally emerging from the melting snow..... and they had a feast cleaning up the seed below the bird feeder.....


Sunflash was quite taken with the wee one's tricycle and wee one was very pleased to have her on board for a ride...... though she did hop down as soon as the bike moved :)


As I cooked dinner the little ones (and the big ones) came in with cold pink cheeks and sweaty hair from hours of running around outside. I felt a sigh of relief. It is finally spring. I am happy to see the mud and hear the birds and watch my flowers spring up from the still frozen ground. Thank you spring, welcome spring..... oh how we have waited for you!

P.S. Thank you all so much for the "well wishes" this weekend. Your comments and emails were so very thoughtful ;)